In order to take full advantage of the lifespan and value of your car having regular servicing and maintenance is a must.

Servicing your car not only ensures that it is in full working order keeping you on the road, but also significantly increases the resale value of your vehicle.

Here at Just Car Clinics, our fully qualified technicians are on hand to service any make or model of vehicle using the very latest technology and techniques available in the industry to ensure that you get the very best possible service, without the ‘price tag’ of a main Dealer.

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There are three different types of service that your car may need, which are dependent on the age of your car and the amount of mileage it has on the clock.

As a general rule of thumb, you should have an Oil and Filter Service between your main services, interim service should be done every 6 months or 6,000 miles and your full service every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes the soonest.

The age of your car may change the frequency of the required service so it’s always best to refer to your manual for the manufacturers recommendations. On newer cars, with on-board computers, the dash will often indicate when the next service is due and what level of service is required.

All our services are carried out by our expert team who are fully ATA approved, and your service book is stamped to ensure that your service history is fully up to date.

At this service the oil in your car will be changed along with the oil filter. In addition to this, other areas of your vehicle will be checked such as brake fluid, anti-freeze coolant, windscreen wash and power steering fluid. Your battery will also be checked along with your windscreen and tyres.

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In addition to the items covered in the Oil and Filter Service, at this service your car will also have the brakes, steering, suspension and shock absorbers checked.

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In addition to the items covered in the Oil and Filter Service and the Interim Service, your car will also have the wheel alignment and bearings checked along with fuel filters, spark plugs.

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The above may vary dependent on the make and model of your vehicle. At Just Car Clinics we have access to all vehicle service data therefore we will service your vehicle in accordance with the manufacturers standard to maintain the warranty.

FeatureOil / Filter ServiceInterim ServiceFull Service
Replace oil filterYYY
Check for engine oil leaks YYY
Check operation of headlights, indicators and other exterior lights YYY
Check windscreen washers / wipers for operational and top up if necessary YYY
Check vehicle horn YYY
Check coolant / antifreeze and top up YYY
Check and top up clutch and brake fluid YYY
Check windscreen conditionYYY
Check gearbox oil and axle oil (where applicable)YY
Check automatic transmission fluids (where applicable) YY
Check steering and suspension components for wear YY
Check fan / alternator and auxiliary belt for tension and wear YY
Check power steering and top up reservoir where applicable YY
Check for correct clutch operation YY
Check prop shaft, drive shaft and joints for operation and wear YY
Check brake pads and brake shoes for wear or damage YY
Check brake callipers, wheel cylinders, hoses and pipes for wear and leaks YY
Check shock absorbers for operations and performance YY
Check fuel lines for leaks YY
Check radiator for condition and for leaks YY
Check exhaust, fixings and check for condition and leaks vY
Check handbrake for operation and travel (lubricate and adjust if necessary YY
Check all seatbelts for condition and operation vY
Check ABS warning lights YY
Check heater plug indicator (diesel models) vY
Check wheel bearings (and report play or noise) YY
Check tyres for condition pressure and tread (including spare) YY
Check wheel nut torque and set to manufacturer setting vY
Visually inspect front brakes from inside edge of wheel v
Check exterior mirrors for condition Y
Check interior mirror condition vY
Check bonnet catch and lubricate (if required) YY
Inspect and lubricate door hinges (if required) YY
Check number plates condition and security YY
Replace spark plugs if applicable Y
Replace air filter element Y
Replace fuel filter (petrol and diesel models) Y
Remove rear wheels and check brake discs / drums condition Y
Remove front wheels and check brake discs / drums condition Y
Check coolant hoses, expansion tank and cap for condition and leaks Y
Check cooling fan for operation (where applicable) Y
Check HT leads, distributor cap and rotor arm for visual condition Y
Check throttle linkage / cable and lubricate (if applicable) Y
Visually inspect smoke emission (diesel models) Y
Check for timing / cam belt replacement and report if due Y
Check for cabin / pollen filter replacement and report if due Y
Grease steering / suspension (if required) Y
All vehicles that are driven on the road are required by law to have a valid MOT certificate, and this is separate to the Servicing on your vehicle.

The law states, that you must have an MOT test every year, unless your vehicle is under 3 years old, exceptions do apply for vehicles such as ambulances and taxi’s where the requirement is every year regardless of age. All tests must be completed before the old one expires.

If your MOT has expired on your vehicle then you cannot drive it on the road unless you are driving it to a pre-booked MOT test.

If your vehicle passes it’s MOT test then you will be issued an MOT certificate and your details will be updated on the national MOT database. If your vehicle fails, then you will get a notification of failure and this will also be recorded in the national MOT database and you will be unable to drive your vehicle on the road unless it is to take it to a pre-booked appointment to have any areas of failure repaired, or to another pre-booked MOT test.

During the MOT test your vehicle will be tested for: –

  • Brakes
  • Tyres and wheels
  • Lighting and signalling
  • Exhaust, fuel and emissions
  • Windscreen and glass
  • Suspension
  • Seat Belts
  • Vehicle Structure
  • Steering

You can book your vehicle in for a pre-MOT check at any of our branches before sending it for the actual MOT test, and identify any work that may need to be carried out for your vehicle to pass, but  without having to take it off the road until any faults identified have had repairs undertaken and this can save a lot of inconvenience.





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