If you have been involved in an accident you need to ensure that you inform your insurance company as soon as possible following the accident irrespective of whether you intend to make a claim or not. You should have followed the guide on our accident checklist and obtained all of the relevant information of other parties involved, click here for more details. If you need to make a claim for the accident then you will need to provide your insurance company with details of all other drivers involved including vehicle registration number along with details of any independent witnesses to the collision.

Your insurance policy will either be comprehensive or 3rd party and dependent upon whom it is with will determine how you go about the claims process: -
If you have a comprehensive insurance policy you will make the claim from your own insurance company irrespective of whose fault the accident was. If you were not at fault, then they in turn will deal with recovering the costs from the other driver’s insurer, however, if they are not successful then you may lose your no claims bonus. If the accident was not your fault then you will also be able to claim from the other driver’s insurance policy for things such as loss of earnings, alternative transport, personal injuries and excess on your policy – these are commonly referred to as uninsured losses. It is recommended that you keep receipts for any costs that you incur until the claim is settled. To make a claim, you will need to refer to your policy document and follow the instructions on how to make a claim, this could be online, via the telephone or in writing, and each insurer will have their own procedures for making a claim. Keep details of all telephone calls, emails or letters throughout the process of the claim so that you can refer to these should the need arise.
If you have a 3rd party insurance policy then you will need to make a claim against the other drivers insurance company if the accident is not your fault. You should also inform your own insurance company that you have done this. If you are unsure as to whose fault the accident is then always make the claim and let the insurance companies decide with whom the blame lays.
If the accident was your fault then you will be responsible for the costs of repair on your own vehicle.

As the driver or owner of the vehicle, you have the right to choose where you get your vehicle repaired in the unfortunate event of an accident. Your insurance company will recommend that you use their list of approved repairers, but you have the right to select to go to the repairer of your choice.

However, you do need to be aware that in doing so this may affect the levels of excess you need to pay and other elements of your policy such as the use of courtesy vehicle may also be affected

The good news here at Just Car Clinics is that we are an approved repairer for most of the UKs most prominent insurance companies and therefore, if you ask your insurer if you can take your car to Just Car Clinics, you’ll find that we are on their approved list and you’ll not affect any elements of your policy in doing so. Simply say to your insurer I want to go to Just Car Clinics, and they’ll do the rest!

Here at Just Car Clinics we are very proud to be approved by the UKs leading insurers, vehicle manufacturers and fleet companies.


We work with some of the UKs most prominent and popular insurance companies who trust us to repair their customer’s vehicles, and are their preferred repairer in many cases. The insurers we work with represent 72% of the total UK market. Not all Accident and Repair centres are insurance approved, and to become an approved repairer you need to adhere to stringent procedures and processes set by the insurers and need to achieve the very highest levels of standards and safety.

Manufacturers and Fleet Companies

We work for some of the leading car and van manufacturers and fleet companies, both repairing and maintaining their vehicles, so we have a huge wealth of experience and skill that you can rely on whilst your vehicle is with us. However, you do not have to go to an official dealership or manufacturer approved centre to validate your servicing history, all you need to ensure is that the centre is VAT registered and they carry out all work in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction.

We fully appreciate how important your vehicle is to you, especially if you are without it during accident and repair or regular maintenance; that’s why we’ve invested in over 700 courtesy cars across our network so that when your vehicle is with us, you can have one of ours, keeping you on the road. If you’re coming to us through your insurance company and your policy specifies the use of a courtesy car then you will be provided with a car as per your policy specifications. Terms and conditions apply, please speak to one of our team when booking in for full details.

If your repair is through your insurance company the courtesy car will be covered on your own insurance policy, and subject to your normal policy restrictions and excess contributions. If it private work you will be responsible for insuring your vehicle.Ask when booking in about Courtesy Car Excess Protection scheme to protect your insurance excess should you sustain any damage to the courtesy vehicle whilst in your use

Courtesy Commercial Vehicle

Recognising that sole traders and small businesses that operate with single small vans could be losing business taking their vehicle off the road for repairs or maintenance, some of our branches can offer a Citroen Berlingo, Class B, van as a courtesy vehicle. These vehicles are in high demand so please ensure you speak to one of our team at the time of booking your vehicle in to ensure that a courtesy van is available for you.

It is an unfortunate fact of life but accidents happen. As annoying and as stressful as it may be, try to stay calm and don’t lose your temper. Do not admit blame at the scene of the accident or offer any form of settlement.

  • Stop at the scene if you think there are injuries or damage to vehicles or property. This is a legal obligation.
  • Make the area safe. Switch off your engine and if possible and the situation allows, turn on hazard warning lights and try to alert oncoming traffic about the accident.
  • If it is possible and safe to do so, try to move your vehicle out of the way of the route of other traffic to avoid congestion. This may not always be possible or advisable.
  • Call 999 immediately if anyone involved in the accident is injured, the collision has caused a hazardous situation, or someone leaves the scene without exchanging details. The easiest way to know if you should call the police is to remember, if you’re unsure – make the call.
  • Take down the registration number, make, model and colour of all other vehicles involved in the accident. All drivers involved must exchange details by law. Ask them for their name, address, mobile and home telephone number and insurance details. You must also provide this information about yourself.
  • Try to take down as much details as you possibly can whilst the details are fresh in your mind. Draw a sketch of the scene, note road names and markings, note where other stationary cars are parked, note the weather conditions and if there are skid marks or damage to surrounding area try to describe these as best you can. Better still if you have a camera or camera on your mobile phone, taking photographs would be the best way to record the scene.
  • If possible collect the names, addresses and vehicle registrations of any witnesses.
  • Record any other details you think may be important e.g. use of mobile phone, if you think the driver of the other vehicle has been drinking, weather conditions etc. Also take note of anything the other driver may have said at the scene i.e. apologising, giving reason for the collision etc.
  • You must notify your insurance company immediately of any collision you are involved in, even if you are not intending to make a claim and irrespective of whose fault it was. Give them all the details, notes, photographs etc that you have collected.

We know that being without your own vehicle for any period of time can be inconvenient and distressing, and therefore we want to make sure your informed every step of the way throughout the repair process. To track your repair online, simply input your unique tracking number that you were given when your vehicle came in with us, this can also be found on your customer information pack. Input this number along with your vehicle registration number and you will be taken through to our secure tracking area: - If you’ve misplaced your unique tracking number please call your branch.

Contrary to popular belief, you are legally entitled to have your vehicle repaired by the bodyshop of your choice. Many insurance companies will direct claims towards their own ‘approved repairers’, however you are free to choose whoever you wish to carry out your repairs. Just Car Clinics has a huge number of respected insurance partners that we have developed excellent relationships with over many years and are proud to carry their approvals, but we do also repair many cars insured by other companies, at the preference of their drivers.
If you are planning to make a claim through your insurance company, your insurance company will cover the costs (you will pay the excess if applicable). However, if you want to get your car repaired but do not want to claim on your insurance, then you will be responsible for paying for the repairs.
Depending on the damage assessed will determine whether panels will be repaired or replaced and how long the job will be. Every job is different and therefore repair times vary, but our team will give you an estimated completion date and keep in touch with you throughout the repair.
Our team will keep you informed but you can also track your repair online by clicking here
We give a guarantee on all our work in line with your insurer or for retail repair work, all our repair work is guaranteed for three years.
Your Insurance Company will usually make the decision based on the Repair Cost and your car’s Age and Condition; against the cost of a replacement, ‘similar’ vehicle. If this happens, you will be contacted by your Insurance Company and offered a settlement figure, minus any policy excess. (It is also worth noting that at this point, your policy may be cancelled) You can prepare yourself for the settlement by comparing advertised vehicles on Autotrader or Ebay Cars to give you an idea of the value. It is always advisable to discuss this in detail with ourselves, especially if you wanted to keep the vehicle and not have the hassle or expenditure of replacing it. Provided that there is no major structural damage, there are various options available to us that we can still put your car back on the road. Options such as Manufacturer ‘Total Loss Avoidance’ schemes or even the use of green (recycled) parts to effect a repairable proposition, at the same time using our Courtesy Car to keep you mobile and giving you the confidence of our usual high Repair Standards and Guarantees. Gone are the days where written off cars are just crushed. Just Car Clinics can liaise with your Insurance Company to help save your car.'
The terms of your specific insurance policy will determine if you are entitled to a courtesy car. Just Car Clinics has a fleet of over 700 courtesy cars across the network.
We do not ask you for a deposit but do request that you complete a form to confirm your responsibility for any speeding fines, parking fines or congestion charges that are notified to us whilst you have the vehicle. Also, remember to ask our team about Courtesy Car Excess Protection.
Of course we can. We specialise in the repair and maintenance of any car, van or bike, regardless of how the damage occurred. We will also offer impartial advice, recommendations of what to do next and provide all the options available to you. If you decide to go down the Insurance route, we will gladly help you with the initial notification of registering the claim and obtaining the necessary authority for repairs to proceed.
By law, any repair carried out by trained personnel, using equipment fit for the task and following the manufacturer’s recommended repair procedures, cannot affect the warranty of the vehicle. The Just Car Clinics team are highly trained, are all ATA qualified and every site has BSI Kitemark approval. Therefore you are free to take your car to an independent workshop such as Just Car Clinics for servicing and repairs, who will carry out any work required in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines.


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